Cathedral Events

1415    Battle of Agincourt, Henry V visits before (to pray) and after (to give thanks).

1501    Catherine of Aragon, (16 years old) marries Arthur, Son of Henry VII.

1588    Spanish Armada, Queen Elizabeth gives thanks for victory.

1606    Gunpowder Plot, 4 plotters Hanged, Drawn & Quartered in Churchyard.

1666    Great Fire of London, Old St. Paul’s burnt to the ground.

1710    New Cathedral completed.

1806    Admiral Lord Nelson, funeral service & interment.

1852    Duke of Wellington’s funeral, One million people line the processional route.

1897    Queen Victoria’s Jubilee,Victoria celebrates at St. Paul’s.

1965    Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral service.  (Buried in Bladon, Oxfordshire).

1981    Royal Wedding, HRH Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer.

2000    100th Birthday, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

2013     Margaret Thatcher  ( Baroness Thatcher ), funeral service.

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