Execution, Plague & Fire


Staple Inn 5

1501        First printing press in Fleet Street.

1515        Financed based ‘Pecking Order’ of Guilds established (No.1 Mercers).

1535        Sir Thomas More executed on Tower Hill, 6th July.

1538        Dissolution of the Monasteries.

1553-58  Reign of ‘Bloody’ Queen Mary.

300 religious executions. Many die at Smithfield, burnt at the stake.

1570-71  The Royal Exchange & Middle Temple Hall open for business.

1579        Gresham College founded.

1665        Terrible Plague: 80,000 dead across whole of London.

Since 1603 only 4 years had been plague free.

1666        Great Fire of London, consumes 80% of the city.

87 Churches, St. Paul’s Cathedral and 13000 properties destroyed.

1667         Post fire rebuilding act. Brick and stone to be used predominantly from now on.

Wood now kept to a minimum.

1677         Sir Christopher Wren’s Monument to the Fire of London completed.

1694         Bank of England founded.

1702         First daily Newspaper (Daily Courant) printed in Fleet Street.

1710         Wren’s St.Paul’s Cathedral completed.

1734         Lloyd’s List of Marine Vessels published.

1753         Mansion House completed.

1760         London’s ancient entry gates removed (Newgate 1777).

1766         City walls demolished.


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