Medieval City


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1066        Norman Conquest.

1067        Tower of London, construction begins.

1123        St.Bartholomew’s Hospital founded.

1155        The Weavers become the city’s first Guild.

1189        Henry Fitz-Ailwyn becomes London’s first Mayor.

1209        First stone built London Bridge.

1215        First Lord Mayor’s procession.

1327        First Common Council assembled.

1348        Black Death:  Half of London’s population dies.

Thousands buried in cemetery near Smithfield on land later occupied by the Charterhouse.

1358        138 shops trading on London Bridge.

1371        Charterhouse founded.

1381        Peasants Revolt, Wat Tyler beheaded at Smithfield.

1397        Richard (Dick) Whittington becomes Lord Mayor for the first time.

1400        Billingsgate granted its Charter.

1411        Guildhall built.

1415        Henry V leads victory parade across London Bridge towards St.Paul’s Cathedral after Agincourt.

1453        Lord Mayor’s procession moves from the roads onto the Thames for the first time.

The word ‘float’ for processional transport dates from this time.

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